How do I cancel my AVG Subscription Renewal?

Whenever you activate your AVG Retail product, you are entitled to get some services with it and one such service among several others is ‘Subscription Renewal’ benefits. When you opt for subscription renewal, your AVG product gets automatically renewed as soon as it expires. This ensures that your device is never vulnerable to attacks and keeps on getting uninterrupted protection throughout.

However, some of you might still come across a situation where canceling a subscription becomes necessary. Well, this could happen due to several reasons e.g. if you want to subscribe to another AVG product or you are not going to use that particular device any longer. Whatever be the reason why you want to cancel your subscription, you can find below the details for the same.

Before you venture into the process

Prior to beginning the subscription renewal cancellation process, you must have a few things ready with you. Make sure you have the credentials of that account ready with you using which you have actually purchased your subscription. If you do not have an AVG account, you can always create a new account by navigating to To create a new account, you are required to use the same email address you used while opting for the subscription. If you do not remember which account you used for purchasing the subscription, you can always restore your account from the AVG platform.

The method to cancel your AVG subscription

Important: you cannot apply these steps to the AVG products that you have purchased via the App Store or the Play Store.

  1. First, you need to go to the AVG official platform.
  2. From there, open the sign-in form.
  3. Provide the AVG login credentials to access your account.
  4. Once you log in to your account, tap on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.
  5. From that tile, tap on the ‘Unsubscribe’ button which is present just below the subscription you wish to cancel.
  6. Next up, choose the option that you wish to opt-out of future renewals.
  7. Here, you will see the subscription expiry date as well.
  8. Click ‘Confirm’ to proceed further.
  9. On the next screen, hit the ‘Got It’ button.
  10. Now, wait for the subscription status to change and you are done.

However, you will still see the same subscription in the list for at least 1 year so that you can renew your AVG products without searching for the same product again and again.


Opting out of product renewal services does not mean that you will lose access to your paid products. You can continue to enjoy paid benefits of these products until they actually get expired. But, one thing you must bear in mind is that you should never leave your device without any protection on it. As soon as you cancel your subscription renewal, make sure you are prepared to tackle any threat or attack that comes your way. You must always have one product from on your device.

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